– Career Coach

I am the Career Coach and my duty is to deliver the workshop for our young adults and provide 121 support and mentoring post programme. I started on August 1st 2014. Some of the biggest challenges for young people in 2017 are competition and quantity! There are so many people looking for similar roles, even if you’re the best of the best there are other best of the bests competing against you. I also think the interview and assessment process is very tough these days and there are a lot of steps you have to pass before you can even think about getting a job. We sadly still live in a country where it’s often who you know not what you know, so a lot of wonderful talent is slipping through the net because they are not exposed to the right people or opportunities.

I really love what I do and feel enormously privileged to be able to see people’s lives change and for me to have been a part of that, even if it’s just a teeny tiny one! Reading a positive thought of the day, getting a thank you email or card or that call that someone has got a job is just the best! I have always had a lot of support and encouragement with anything I want to do and I want to ensure I can give that to young people that may not have this. A lot of people I meet have not been as lucky as me. I am also a human and graduating during the recession had a lot of challenges so I have had my fair share of rejections and have done a LOT of CV’s and applications – good and bad! I believe in hard work and have always had to work for opportunities and had my first job at 12.

With a major career change under my belt too I know how it feels to have low confidence and little direction and have to build up skills through volunteering and hard graft to get the outcome you want.

Some interesting facts about me:

I can whistle very well, and I have climbed the highest mountain in south east Malaysia!

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